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Handcrafted wooden accessories for MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

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Glitty is the very first project to have been launched, before the studio came to life.


Jan, 2015


Mehdi Izemmour




Back in 2014-15, Apple products were democratizing and growing. Previously purchased and used exclusively by creatives and the “think different” audience, now everybody ones a Mac. Mac Consumers have no way to stand out.

Our Approach

Create a brand strongly committed to Apple’s values that allow people to personalize their Mac with luxurious and rare materials. We decided to focus on wood by partnering with a talented artisan in Pittsburgh, USA. 

“I’ve been looking for a cool way to pimp my Mac for ages before discovering Glitty. Every day, people ask me where I bought it! Looks stunning…”

Dan Markes
client, in 2016


After 3 successful years, the company has been acquired by a Canadian investor in late 2017.

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